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Based on a project begun in 2006, Boogie Forward is a site that involves a new way to program for the web.

As an ongoing experiment in presentation of ideas, this site combines interests in music and computer technology, which naturally extends to the Internet. We cover ideas about musical performance, composition, and marketing. Marketing involves using the web effectively, so we do this from the perspective of a musician. This means we have a lot of fun.

Because the web is a largely visual medium, many articles on Boogie Forward cover elements of design. "Design" includes both graphic arts and programming arts, and importantly, where they come together in composing documents on the web. Musicians tend to have little working capital with which to design, so we focus on getting things done with inexpensive tools while producing professional results.

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Articles about audio, audio engineering, and sound reinforcement will be found here, as well as articles on computer use in music production, live recording, and daily tasks. The coolest electronic keyboards used in live music have some slick little computers in 'em, so we write about those, too. Regarding live music, gigging musicians can read about finding gigs, surviving gigs, and other stories. (The night the drums caught fire is one of those stories.) Songs and recordings are covered, but mostly from a perspective of performance and engineering (and of course, cover bands). This is not a fan site. (Except for stories involving fans.) Stage attire? Maybe. It's always a good idea to wear something on stage.

Site Development

This site is built using Joelie

Joelie is a new web platform that gives you an amazing amount of control over the way you stash your digital stuff, and how you make your stuff available on the web. You can use routines others have written, or just code some up yourself, all without leaving your web browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Just fire up your browser and head to joelie.org.

As part of the ongoing development of this site, we discuss programming on the Joelie platform, and how you can get going with your own site on Joelie

Boogie Forward: another website by k~bob

I'm K~Bob, and I live and work here at K~Bob's Boogie. I operate the Boogie Forward website, and a few others. From time to time in articles at Boogie Forward, you may see the phrase, "here at The Boogie," which means both the Boogie Forward website, and K~Bob's Boogie; which is part compound, part studio, and part Addams Family-esque living accomodation.

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